Sunday, 4 December 2011


For the classroom website assignment I chose to use weebly, as I already had experience with blogger and a lot of google products and wanted to try something new.
I found the weebly editor incredibly easy to use. I've spent a lot of time tweaking my personal blog design over the years and weebly is very intuitive. Your page is displayed on the lower section of the browser window and you click and drag features from the editing from to where you want them on your page. I was impressed by the wide variety of elements available. I signed up with weebly for education and the education specific elements, like the homework submission form, were excellent.
Setting up links was easy and I liked that I was able to create links to other site pages. This feature, combined with the ability to hide pages from the navigation bar enabled me to create many specific pages, like a grade nine course outline, but not clutter up the navigation bar.
While there are many templates available, I found them to be very restrictive. The only modifications an average user can make to the template is the link colours, font type, colour and size. There is an option to edit the HTML/CSS, but I'm not proficient at it and so for me it isn't really an option. I would have liked the ability to modify the height of the title picture, colour of the navigation bar, etcetera. I felt limited being unable to tweak the template to my liking.
Overall I found weebly to be a great tool for building a website, but in the future I think I would use a service that allowed me more freedom in modifying design.

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