Thursday, 15 December 2011

More than its Summative parts

This blog was started as a summative project for my ICT in education course at Brandon University. I came into the course a technophile and it has been great for sharpening my skills and showing me new programs, sites, and technologies.
For me, however, the most important aspect of the course lies elsewhere. Professor (soon to be doctor) Nantais has encouraged me to think critically and reflectively on the role of ICT in education, both in a broad sense and what it means for our future, individual classrooms. He introduced me to the Literacy with ICT continuum and its importance in all areas of education.
Leaving this course I am committed to using technology in a new way: to foster creativity, critical thinking and the development of responsibility in my future students.

While this has been a project, I love blogging, technology and feel that sharing and collaboration make for great educators. So, I'm going to continue chronicling my educational experience with ICT (and probably regular experiences too). So follow along as ICTyler is going to be so much more that its summative parts.

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  1. Hey Tyler, thanks for the kind words. If I managed to help you see ICT that way, "my job here is done!". This is a great blog, I hope you do keep it up - I will keep following it!