Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Concept Mapping

Old and New NHL Alignment (made on  Inspiration)
Overview of the features of skype (made on Mindmeister)
These are two examples of mind/concept maps I made this term. Can you tell which program I had a limited-time, free try-out with and which is free to download? Although, I did spend more time exploring and working with Mindmeister, so perhaps I'm not giving Inspiration the credit it deserves.
Concept mapping (what I prefer to call it) is a visual way of arranging and organizing information. Thinking about it, family trees were the original concept maps. They are a great way to show connections with branches moving out from a base and themselves branching out into new information.
Working with them on multiple occasions throughout the year I have to say they aren't how I prefer to organize things.  I guess I'm more linear. I like to just write things out and use bullets when I can.
However, I realize that everyone has different learning styles and will introduce mind mapping to my future classes to given visually oriented students a valuable tool.

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