Wednesday, 14 December 2011


I learned a great deal while student teaching from my cooperating teacher through observation, feedback and conversation. I also learned a lot from first-hand experience leading lessons and reflecting on them. In this regard I was a student.
I was prepared to try my best to be a teacher in my interactions with students. I feel I increased in proficiency and skill in this regard as my placement went along. What I didn't expect was how much I would end up teaching my cooperating teacher in regards to ICT. She was not very confident on computers or the internet. When I lead introductory lessons on new programs she would follow along with the students doing the activity and taking notes as well. We downloaded blurb booksmart on the students' profiles for a bookmaking project. In case she wanted to download it for more students in the future, we went through the process together and I  made sure I left her detailed instructions as well.
I truly felt like a student/teacher and was happy to give some information back to a person how shared so much with me.

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