Saturday, 1 February 2014

Fringe Benefit

This week I spoke to a group of Ed students about how I use tech in my classroom, plus the challenges that go along with it. It was neat, since I was taking I4ED just last year. I've been reflecting on it and have thought of one more thing I would have liked to share.

Tech knowledge and experience does more than just engage students: it can help you become part of your school community. Things that are second nature to me, like hooking up a projector, are mysteries to others. Also, when things go wrong, and they always do, it can be incredibly frustrating. Keep an eye out and help out wherever you can. The hallmark of a good team is working together. If you can download an alternative media player for someone when Windows Media Player crashes, switch from extended display to cloned, or set up speakers, don't hesitate to help someone with it. It'll make you fast friends and one of the most important things I'm learning, as a first year teacher, is that the advice of friends who've already survived their first year is invaluable.

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