Sunday, 19 January 2014

Tournament of Words: Update

I've found a great site for keeping track of my tournaments: Challonge.

I created an account and it lets me create my brackets in advance, randomize entries, save brackets, and choose winners for each match-up with ease. During the first tournament I had to stay by the computer to advance words through the bracket, where with challonge, I tap the match-up on the smart board and a box appears where I tap on the winner, after tallying the votes. I liked using it a lot.

I plan on mixing up the formula in the new term. Student interest in finding words has waned, but I think this could be an effective way of introducing new vocabulary for a unit. They'll vote on the words without knowing their defintions. Then, once a winner is crowned, when I ask them to learn the definitions of the new words, I'm hoping they'll have some investment in them.

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