Sunday, 24 February 2013

Doodle Notes: Byte 2013 Keynote

I am very visual learner and frequently take lectures notes entirely in doodles. I also convert any written notes into pictures when studying for tests and exams. If I can represent something as a picture I am better able to remember it. A while back I shared some of my doodle-notes in a post and a member of the Byte Committee, Andy McKiel, saw it AND liked it.
He asked me if I'd like to doodle the keynote address by Clarence Fisher. I said yes, I even have my markers! I spent the night in nervous anticipation. I had never been up in front of so many people before, but I told myself that I was just taking notes and that I wouldn't be the focus. That helped.
I was nervous, but when Clarence started talking it came naturally. I was focused on what he was saying and what that looked like. When I'm doodling live I tend to go from left to right and then top to bottom, as if I'm writing. This helps me maximize the space and keep the flow of ideas intact. If I'm converting from notes or slides I'm a little more fluid in my doodle structure.  It was a lot of fun.
I was lucky to have a friend photo-documenting my doodle process, so I'll let the pictures take over from my words from here on out.


Click here to see and hear Clarence's talk.


  1. Tyler this was an interesting experience for me as well. i've given a number of keynote adresses, but I've never had someone live doodle out what I'm talking about. think about all of the different ways we had information put out that day: my actual oral talk (going out over the 2 different sets of mics I was wearing, 1 for the local audience, 1 for the streaming audience), my keynote slides, your doodle and the lady who was using ASL to sign the entire thing. That has to be something for everyone in that list. Every kind kind of learner, no matter if they were local or not had the opportunity to gain information in a way that worked for them.

    You did an excellent job that day. You should be proud of your willingness to take chances and move out on that ledge in front of so many people. (you get used to that...) Nice work.

    1. Not sure why my name didnt come through on that last comment.... Clarence

  2. Tyler,
    I'm thrilled that your were willing to rise to the challenge of doodling Clarence's #byte2013 keynote address on the fly. You have a real gift and I'm so glad that you were able to share it with all of us in that (and this) context!

  3. Hey Tyler, this is so very awesome. Number one to have the courage to get up there and do it, and to so nicely put Clarence's always powerful words into a visual form. I wish I could have been at BYTE to witness this, but this post brings the event to life, thanks. It was great for Andy to think of this and for Clarence to agree to it! You are a fantastic representative of our Faculty!

  4. You have so many talents and are so generous about sharing your ideas and expertise! I love your doodle notes and am going to show them to my future students as examples and options to conventional note-taking.