Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Literary Tweeters

I've always liked the idea of connecting the study of literature to social media to get students to try and relate to the characters they are reading about. I've had students make facebook profiles for characters are we read through Macbeth.

I came across these two sporcle quizzes the other day and really liked them.
Macbeth does Twitter
Wuthering Heights On Twitter
These two quizzes get you to try and figure out which character would have written the tweet. I enjoyed the use of hashtags in the quizzes and the fact that the tweets are original, not just a short quote directly from the book.
They could be used as a summary or review if you studied either work, or as an activation if you were going to get students to create twitter feeds & profiles for characters in a work you are going to study.
I may make my own, but am hesitant because sporcle now has an 11 game limit. Hmm, what I think I'll do is show my students these games and introduce the twitter assignment, plus tell them that the tweets most fitting for each character will be featured in the game I make for next year's class. (Maybe I'll find a quiz/game-making site that doesn't have a restrictions by then.)

What would a tweet from your favourite literary character be?

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