Sunday, 3 March 2013

Tracing: Evolved

Scarborough - 9
A new generation of tracing has arrived. No longer do we need bright lights, thick lines and translucent paper. Now all you have to do is:
  • Find the picture you want to trace.
  • Open it in an image editor or drawing program that uses layers (like GIMP or what I use to draw, MyPaint).
  • Create a new layer and make sure it is on top of the picture.
  • Pull out your digital pen and trace away!
  • When done, delete the layer that contains the original photo.
  • Click 'Save As' (so you don't over-write the original photo if it's saved on your computer) and save your tracing under a new name.
  • You've now created your own line drawing!
Super Tyler
I added a flowing cape and removed the background from the original in an attempt to make myself more heroic. I placed a line wherever there was a major colour or shade change.
I could now print this out, photocopy it and have the best colouring page of all time. Why spend hours scouring the google-net for suitable clip art? We can make our own!

DISCLAIMER: Make sure to use creative commons or public domain images to stay within the law. 
I used my own picture for this tracing example, so I don't need to credit myself.


  1. This is fab... I like the idea of tracing photos and imagine creating amazing "real life" comics / graphic novels!

  2. Very nice effect with the cape flapping in the wind... But I cannot seem to find that in the original. Is this the "evolved" you speak of? :)