Monday, 17 December 2012


I was a frequent user of Make-a-Flake but discovered SnowDays this year. Make-a-Flake strives for authenticity: virtual scissors with sound and all cuts are straight and follow the laws of actually cutting a snowflake. SnowDays is a little more lenient. You can do polygon cutting or just click and drag cut, which allows for nice curves. The edges need not be honoured.
Plus you can view others' flakes and download them if you like them. It's a lot of fun to do. Here are some of mine.

Thanks @miken_bu and @MattersofGrey for this one!
Guitar or Dress?
I'm experiencing the craziness that is the week before Christmas doing a video workshop in an elementary school this week. I thought this might a fun way to for the teacher to save her/his sanity, the students to play and use symmetry and shape math skills too.

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