Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Winding Down - Winding Up

The university semester is winding down. Final assignments are being given. Final class dates are being determined.
However, things are winding up for me. Fellow student and blogger, Miss L, and I have the honour of presenting at both the Byte Conference and BU. We're talking about why we blog, but Miss L does us more justice, so if you want to learn more about it click here.
Also, this week I'm heading back to a school I worked at last year to run a video editing workshop. I made the following video to capture the interest of the students and to use for guided practice with video editing.

I love making videos and am glad to help others learn how to make their own. I'm also going to bring this workshop to BU in February and a Professional Development session for education students.
I'm going to end up being pretty busy, but it's something I enjoy and rarely even seems like work. I hope to get permission to showcase some videos made during the workshops, so stay tuned.

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