Monday, 1 October 2012

Course Outlining

In my senior years science methods course we are tasked to develop a crowd of course outlines as one of our assignments. Fellow blogger, MissL, has posted her first draft on her blog and I thought I'd do the same. It's good to get feedback: from peers, from those marking me, from anonymous people selling miracle diets. I have never had to make a course outline and I know that being good at something takes practice. So, what's good and what needs improvement?


  1. Wow. I love the explanation about the portfolio versus the exam! I also love how you say that they are defending their learning! Man, I love this. As an improvement I would maybe incorporate a parent signature to ensure that both the student and the parent have read the outline. I really don't know if that would really fit in with the rest of the content but I am super loving this outline. Love the philosophy behind this too!

  2. I too like the portfolio idea but am still figuring out how to plan in-class work that would give students an opportunity to get samples for the portfolio. I also like you let the students know that the expectations are for not only them but for yourself as well, it creates a strong sense of community in the classroom. For some reason it does seem like a lot of writing though.. but maybe it is just because I am so used to your work being more graphic than through text. Overall I like it!