Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Egg Drop

Egg Drop edit 
Today we conducted our egg drop activity designed to make us put our science knowledge into practice. It was a lot of fun and a beautiful day to be outside. Here's what happened:

Videos of each drop are availabe in the picasa album. Featuring tweeps: @MrDanMacfarlane, @Jennasis22, @aj4ca, @TLetkeman, @BrookeGelo, @DocCoc, @BrookeOliver, @alainacook10, @MissLwbt

I feel like activities like these are of great value to the classroom. I still fondly remember our high school physics spaghetti bridge and catapult competitions, even though the cold weather on catapult day snapped the exercise band that powered our hockey stick catapult. Design projects give tangible evidence of students' understanding of science concepts, especially if they are linked with a rationale paper. If science were an airplane, observation and design would be the two blades of its propeller. We observe something happen and design a way to test if it will happen again and observe the results then design a better test and so on, with observation following design and design following observation. This cycle needs to continue for science to move forward.

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