Friday, 30 September 2011


I had previous experience with worlde coming into this class. One Christmas we got wordles in frames of our personality traits our families had identified. They are part of the decor of my livingroom. At the time I thought it was a neat idea, but after a while just kind of forgot about it.
Some thoughts on wordle in a wordle.
Then it was one of the first things we tried out in class and I still like it. It has been a big hit across the board. I'm using a wordle in my class website and I've seen them in presentations in most of our other classes so far.
What I like most about wordle is its potential as a graphing tool as words that appear more frequently are larger. I could poll a class for four words they think of when I say blue, for example, and then compile the results into a wordle. The result shows all the words the students came up with but also shows which words are most frequent and by extension most widely associated with blue.
The fact that it's visual and can become an evaluative tool as well makes wordle a very useful application.

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